¿Why hire a lawyer specialist in accidents of traffic? 

Because the mere fact of leaving the claim of your compensation in the hands of companies generates a clear conflict of interests that only goes in your injury. Recalls that the companies always ensure its exclusive interest and only consider the victim as a file number that they wish to close quickly. We strive for the interest of the client, since only charge a percentage if our client charges a compensation for accident and in function of the amount you receive.

We offer a legal advice and medical staff in Las Palmas, so you get the increased compensation by accident. The majority of the people are unaware that by hiring an accident lawyer alien to the insurance companies and expert in compensation in the case of traffic accidents, will receive a compensatory amount higher than the first offer of the company.

In addition our fees as accident lawyer, is a small percentage of the compensation for accident obtained at the end of the claim, with which we we will engage fully in its case for your compensation and our percentage is the maximum.

Do not accept the compensation proposed by the insurance company without first consulting with your independent lawyer.

  • Not leave your issue in the hands of your insurance company. Your insurer has multitude of conventions with the insurance contrary, in such a way that their interests will not always be the same as those of you.
  • The same was true of the lawyers of company. They have very clear that your client is not you, but the insurance company that hires and pays them.

What must you do before a traffic accident?

If we are one of the drivers involved in the accident of traffic, try to reach an agreement with the other driver and filling the “part friendly of accident” in the place where the incident occurred.

In this part there is that describe in a clear and concise manner how the accident occurred, which are the damage to the vehicles and various personal data that are in the document. Once filled out has to be signed by both conductors.

In the event of not reaching an agreement between the drivers involved will have to wait until the police presence and follow their instructions.

In case you or any of the passengers have sustained injuries, must request medical assistance to leave a record of personal injury. This perseverance will be necessary in the future to claim any compensation to which we have the right.

Must give part of your insurance company within a maximum period of 7 days, according to the Law.

It is a good idea to have a lawyer of their own to advise us. You should not accept any compensation or sign any document before that our lawyer check the papers and conditions.

In what cases has the right to compensation?

  • The driver who are not guilty.
  • All occupants of the vehicles concerned except the driver guilty.
  • In an outrage, the pedestrian would be entitled to compensation, unless this is guilty of the abuse.
  • In the event of the death of a victim, certain family members.

What damages can be claimed?

For personal injury, health care expenses, materials, pharmacy and hospital, you can claim compensation..

What deadlines do I have to claim?

  • Filing a complaint: a term of 6 months from the day of the accident.
  • Through the civil courts: have 1 year from the possibility of bringing proceedings or that they have healed lesions and the final scope of the aftermath is known.
  • Insurance company: within 7 days.

How do I claim my compensation?

It is advisable to negotiate with the insurance company the amount of the compensation.

If the agreement is not possible there are to launch a judicial process which will require compensation


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