IFAC publishes the Global SMP Survey 2015

The IFAC International Federation of Accountants has published the results of its worldwide survey on the situation and perspectives of small and medium-sized audit firms, advisory and consultancy prepared based on data from 2015, as well as companies which they lend their questions servicios.Las, carriedprofessionals operating in small and medium-sized enterprises, addressing issues such as the challenges they face, by market factors that could be affected, services offered or results .The data, which were collected between October and November 2015, are the result of 6725 analyzing responses in 169 countries; work carried out in collaboration with leading researchers from the University of Dayton (UD).

The report also includes a summary of the general ideas and key events in each region.

Among the findings highlight topics would include customers of audit firms and consulting firms have emerged as major challenges they face, being, in order of importance:

  • 61% Economic uncertainty
  • 58% Increased costs
  • 54% Competition
  • 51% Difficulties in getting financing
  • 42% Policy Compliance
  • 42% Keeping up with new technologies
  • 35% attract and retain staff
  • 17% Financial crimes


This publication is also available in: Spanish French