How can the ruling that equates fixed and temporary compensation affect you?

The failure of the Court of Justice of the European Union which argues that Spain should equate to severance pay in the case of permanent workers and temporary,It has caused a flurry of reactions.

For unions, requires amending the Statute of Workers. The Ministry of Employment, clarify that has nothing to do with the labor reform but with the Workers’ Statute which was adopted 36 years ago and are studying the ruling to see what effect it will have on labor relations.

Regarding whether it affects all temporary workers, CCOO considers that this is a measure that affects nearly four million workers. Other experts say that only affect temporary workers who receive no compensation in case of dismissal. In the case of temporary workers, they believe that with the doctrine that the sentence does not seem to feel that temporary contracts should have a different from the fixed compensation and therefore to equate a legal amendment would be necessary.

The most immediate consequence is that CCOO has already announced that it will promote legal action to secure payment of economic differences to all persons affected by a termination of his temporary contract in the last year, and meanwhile, UGT has asked the Workers’ Statute be amended. In addition, union legal services are studying whether the ruling could be applied retroactively.


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