In RecursoJuridico we have extensive experience in claiming compensation for accidents and a possible incapacity.

We have highly qualified lawyers to assess all aspects of the accident suffered by You and its consequences in all areas, for this we have medical experts who assess their injuries, technicians in occupational risk prevention experts and economists to calculate their economic damages.

It offer our customers comprehensive advice for workers who have suffered an accident, so we can claim compensation to them for injuries after an accident and against those responsible for the accident and insurance companies either case of individuals or companies.

If you charge only charge,at the end when you receive the compensation we paid on a percentage of it, we will never advance any amount in concepts fees.

When claiming compensation for accidents at work

Compensation for accidents at work can be a source of one or more of the following cases breached by companies and that you are entitled to timely claim:

  • No workers be trained on labor risks.
  • Injuries are produced by a co-worker or any other person having relationship with the worker.
  • were not evaluated properly worker risks.
  • the necessary security measures were omitted.
  • There was no Plan for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards.
  • Failure to use personal protective equipment (gloves, helmets, boots …)
  • Play outside the office and use of tools misuse of conservation tasks.

Corporate Responsibility

All companies regardless of their business must have a policy underwritten Liability come to cover this type of negligence and compensation for assuming those accidents.

At the same time, consistently, the worker may have included in their collective agreement accident insurance, which may allow you to receive compensation according to the coverage and capital stipulated in the policy, motivated by his disability after suffering the accident labor, we claim them for both concepts.

Professional advice

We advise our clients on the procedures to follow to obtain legal recognition of disability, incapacity, disability or dependence, all for common or occupational contingency, whether as a result of an accident or a common or occupational disease, and the relevant surcharge of benefits and compensation for damages attached thereto and where appropriate will manage the claim in the initial proceedings before the Social Security or Mutual Accident, and if it is also necessary in the subsequent judicial proceedings before the Labor Courts .

The experience

Our experience in work accidents supports us extensive knowledge and experience about personal injuries, illnesses and limitations and physical and mental disabilities. This knowledge is essential to defend in court a request for a disability, incapacity, disability, etc. In addition, to assess the chances of success of that request disability and where appropriate to support our legal work in court, we work with a team of top-notch medical experts and an expert on Prevention and Assessment of Occupational Hazards.


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