Layoffs and Compensation

One of the hardest moments that must confront a worker's dismissal. This is a formal notice of what, in many cases, is suspected in the days, weeks or months earlier. The role of the labor lawyer is very important for the affected enjoyment of all their labor, social and economic rights Once the company gives [...]

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Benefits of Social Security

I.CONCEPT AND TYPES OF PERFORMANCE Benefits are configured as a set of technical measures or economic system which recognizes the Social Security to prevent, repair or overcome certain situations of misfortune or need states arising from the planned contingency. As defined by the Constitutional Court, the benefits of Social Security are compensation, in cash or [...]

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Laboral Disability

What is disability? It is the situation where a worker / a can not perform their tasks or duties in the workplace. Of course, there are different types of disability, depending on the degree and scope thereof. Social Security defines these disabilities based on a number of requirements. Then the different existing disabilities are described. [...]

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Fines and Penalties

Public administration has the power to impose fines and penalties on citizens when any of these violates the law. These can never be imprisonment but are limited to fines or imposition of a duty in order to compensate the damage repressor caused or purpose, and may order provisional measures to ensure the effectiveness of compensation. [...]

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The bankruptcy

The bankruptcy is a legal procedure to solve the problems of insolvency and illiquidity of a business process pursued by a party creditors can charge and another finding solutions for business continuity and avoid bankruptcy. It can be both applicable to an individual, as an autonomous, as a legal person, both SMEs and large enterprises. [...]

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Accidents at Work

In RecursoJuridico we have extensive experience in claiming compensation for accidents and a possible incapacity. We have highly qualified lawyers to assess all aspects of the accident suffered by You and its consequences in all areas, for this we have medical experts who assess their injuries, technicians in occupational risk prevention experts and economists to [...]

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Personal injury

Personal injury We are supported by extensive experience in claims arising from accidents causing damage or injury to persons, either within a contractual relationship and from tort plane, both nationally and internationally. Our team of professionals will advise on its claim for damages from the moment in which the accident until, if necessary, the courts, [...]

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The administrative appeal

The administrative appeal is a fundamental mechanism in the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, businesses and other organizations in the face of certain general provisions and in front of the action (or inaction) of the Administration. In addition, in some cases, it is the Administration itself that makes use of the administrative appeal, as in the [...]

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